Who are we?

Paragon Technology Solutions is a family focused business established in 2008 at a time where domestic technology standards were fast changing to meet the difficult economic times. Luckily this gave a great opportunity to use previous experience and industry training to offer a new take on integrated solutions.
Why we do it

We have a deep interest on how things work, In the building industry there are many aspects that are brought together to make a home and it’s the custom integration industry that helps specify appropriate solutions that can come together in a cohesive solution for the home owner.
How we do it

With updated standards and solutions becoming available continued education is necessary and we have relied upon some of the best resources available to make sure we are up to date every year.
As a member of a Cedia past and present we have been provided with some of the best industry training available and have also been invited to help maintain future standards in the industry.
The process

We listen to the needs of the home owner and measure them against the industry standards required to provided a whole home experience. Where a whole home experience can’t be provided straight away a roadmap approach is suggested so that key points go integration can be achieved over time.

We design install and service our solutions from start to finish and can work with you or your design team / Contractor to achieve a great results.

Consultation and exploration of your needs which will develop a brief.

1st fix
Install structured cabling as designed.

2nd fix
Installation of all equipment specified.

Test and certification of the solution.

Provide education and appropriate documentation.

Schedule support for extra training and firmware upgrades.

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We can design-install-service your next home,
please contact us for a consultation.