Service / Support
If we can design and build it we can service it! so if you aren't one of our cherished existing customers we can help your system with a little tech tlc!

Ageing systems like cars need a service now and again especially when changes are made to the family of products you may have. We have all types of test and certification equipment that can diagnose the health of a system and provide a road map to a working solution.

If you having issues or teething problems with current solution and need some assistance, we can provide a system health check to diagnose where problems are likely to occur.

If you are new home owner who has inherited or has been provided a cabling solution which either does not function properly or has not been installed to completion we can help by testing and certifying your solution so you can start adding the appropriate technology solutions to your home.
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  • Equipment installation
  • Network & wifi solutions
  • Audio & Video solutions
  • Home automation upgrades
  • CCTV solutions
  • Aerial & satellite services
  • ELV cabling certification
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Disclaimer - All “IOT” retrofit solutions require a stable wifi network across the property,
some devices require an extended brand specific “RF” connection also.

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